The Present


The Club is fortunate to have a group of alumni who are dedicated to help our youth build for their great future. Alumni venture back to the Club to take part in a variety of activities with current members.  You will find the interaction between these two groups often at the William J. Oakes Branch in Logan Heights. Recently, Oakes Branch alumni visited the Club to teach and play with the members. The synergy in the building is incredible as the youngsters enjoy relating with their senior friends. Scattered throughout the branch, you will see alumni reading books, playing games, providing homework help and telling stories about the past with the members. Branch Manager Ricardo Sandoval stated, "Having an alumni association that is very active is a positive for the Club and its members. Being able to tap into their knowledge and their Club history is amazing for the kids to have available to them."

Photo: Alumni tell stories about being at the Club and shared photos of prominent people who supported the Club.

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