The Great Futures

GREAT FUTURES: Amanda Is Preparing For Her Career

We Provide Our Members With Job Career Preparation - This Is One Example

One of our teens, who is interested in becoming a vet, walked into the Club with the biggest smile on her face.  *Amanda had just completed an interview and she got her first-ever part- time job at Sea World.  She was so excited and mentioned how helpful the Career Launch program had been in preparing her for the interview (the Teens participated in mock interviews at the club with various staff acting as potential employers) and she was just so happy.  I think more than anything, seeing one of our members happy and thriving was what made this memorable.  She then went to share her great news with the other staff and thanked them.  It was definitely a highlight moment for the us. This is just the first step in Amanda journey of her great future!

- Ricardo Sandoval
William J. Oakes Branch Manager
*Name and photo have been changed
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